About Dry Ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide that’s stored at a temperature more than -109°F below zero. Vendors use dry ice because it offers to cool at a temperature that’s lower than water-based ice, and there’s no need to clear out or restore after the dry ice has evaporated. Not only does dry ice reduce the requirement of water-resistant or waterproof, but it also gives longer cooling. At Queen of Safety Supply Co. LLC, with our ice delivery, we provide dry ice in any quantity for your commercial-use. We can also provide dry ice for small, consumer-oriented requirements.

Common Uses of Dry Ice
  • Dry ice evaporates into CO2 being the perfect agent for mosquito traps. Dry ice is an effective method for trapping bed bugs and mosquitos as they are attracted to carbon dioxide.
    How does it work? The CO2 enchants the mosquitoes at a rapid rate, while the trap kills them off. We suggest using pellets as they can be used to build various traps and are easier to transport and handle.

  • Use dry ice as a safe and non-toxic way to terminate moles and gophers.

  • Research, Laboratory work, and Biomedical projects.

  • Manufacturing like deflashing plastic, shrink metal fitting, and pressurizing.

  • Dry ice can be used to flash-freeze food, make ice cream, and carbonate beverages.

  • Food storage, and vending machines.

  • Serving for the airline industry where food, and medicines must remain cold for hours or days.

We Specialize in Emergency Delivery

Emergency Supply of Your Dry Ice Need

Dry Ice delivery nationwide is easy when you contact us. We’ll arrange a one-time dry ice delivery for you or we’ll arrange regular delivery of dry ice for your business needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help with your dry ice needs and emergency dry ice delivery.
Queen of Safety Supply Co. LLC offers a full range of medical, specialty, laser gases and industrial to meet your product requirements – with focusing on supply reliability and safety.

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Now we are proposing innovative solutions to market faster than ever to support our clients. While you can select any dry ice company, it’s necessary to understand the behavior of dry ice after it’s been packed. In most environments, dry ice loses 10 percent of its lifespan each day, which means the dry ice you purchase might lose a substantial portion of its lifespan before it even reaches you. Working with Queen of Safety Supply Co. LLC as your dry ice supplier means never having to worry about whether your dry ice is old or has lost its potency. We deliver fresh ice to clients and customers around all 50 states, and we’ll make sure your dry ice is fresh and new and ready for your special event, business needs, or manufacturing project.

Quality and Our Service

At Queen of Safety Supply Co. LLC, our dry ice technology provides maintenance solutions that are the best of both worlds. We know the markets very well. Clients across the globe choose us due to our breadth of technology and the products are delivered fastest with industry-changing innovative solutions. Non-abrasive carbon dioxide (dry ice) is an environmentally secure and cost-effective technology that saves additional labor costs and invaluable delays.

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Types of Dry Ice

There are different types of dry ice used in various industries to help maintain the shelf lives of medicines and other stuff.

Rice Pellets

Standard Pellets

Half – cut Block

Cut Block

Full Block

Quarter Loaf

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As a dry ice company, Queen of Safety Supply Co. LLC focuses on fast, reliable, superior ice service nationwide. We are dedicated to help our customers with innovative products and professional services in a way of more efficient and fast-reacting. In addition, we are more than able to provide our customers with the best professional systemic solutions for equipment in all directions. Our definition of success is to create the highest value for our customers. Our customers come first!

About us

At Queen of Safety Supply Co. LLC, Dry Ice is dedicated to bringing our customers an environment-friendly, speedy, cost-effective, technology-driven solution to the most difficult challenges. We make health and safety our first priority and we are committed to meet or exceed the highest standards for the protection of our clients. We take extreme precautions to ensure the efficient, safe, and proper neaten for disposal of any residues. We have fully trained staff, certified technicians that have thousands of hours of nozzle time and can meet the most inflexible regulations.
Offering solutions in difficult times is what we do. This inspires us to continue to invest in the growth of our business. This investment is not only in specialized equipment and tools, but also in supervisory training, safety training, and job skills training.
Our goal is to improve a facility’s operating efficiency and reduce overall maintenance costs.

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