Autonomous UV Robot Decimator

Autonomous UV robot is the evolution of the cleaning and germ-killing process. This device provides you with ultimate disinfection and an automated reach to every corner of your place! The Decimator UV Robot is a mobile robotic unit and is used to disinfect environmental surfaces. Using a Xenon gas lamp, the product produces pulsed germicidal UV light. The Robot automatically records each use on an on-board database. The device features an ergonomic design, an integrated cooling system, and a reflector system to focus UV light on high-touch surfaces.

Key Features

Focused Features

  • UV light design and parabolic reflector emit disinfecting light in 360 degrees

  • The AI engine of Dynamo Robot learns the intensity and can increase/decrease the residence time to make sure viruses and bacteria are killed effectively.

  • Decimator combines autonomous navigation of Dynamo Robots, from SP Automation, with disinfecting UV system to provide a solution to disinfect large areas cost-effectively.

  • UV light can reach remote corners up to 6 ft from the surface.

Why Autonomous UV Robot Decimator?

Well! The answer is simple. Easy and effective disinfection on its own!




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High Performance

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UV Decimator Specifications

Have a look at the specification of our UV decimator.

Tech Specs

UV lamp strength 6 X 100-watt capacity, 254 NM. 360 deg coverage
Kill rate 99.99% @ 10 min exposure
Robot Speed (max) 1 m/s or 3 ft/sec
Mapping & Control Android Control Tablet
Battery Range 8 hours (100% charged)
Charging Time ½ hour for 0 to 80%
Battery Type 48V and 20 Amp, Swappable
Sensors 2D LIDAR, 3D Depth Camera, Ultrasonic
Optional Accessories Dynamo Charging Dock – fully automated.
Accuracy Docking +/- 5 mm; Stopping +/- 20 mm
Dimensions (H x W x L) 5’ X 1.8’ X 2.3’