Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) Program

Enroll your home into our HCHV Program, where we pay you to occupy your home. Your home will be used for Community-based residential treatment for homeless Veterans. Many HCHV programs now serve as the hub for a myriad of housing and other services that provide VA with a way to reach and assist homeless Veterans by offering them entry to VA care.

Outreach is the core of the HCHV program, helping these veterans become more socially active. The central goal is to reduce homelessness among Veterans by conducting outreach to those who are the most vulnerable and not currently receiving services and engaging them in treatment and rehabilitative programs.

Another aspect of HCHV is the Contract Residential Treatment program, which places Veterans with serious mental health diagnoses into quality, community-based, supportive housing.

Who can enroll?

Homeowners with houses, townhomes, or condos with 3 bedrooms or more. The larger the home, the better.


  • Bedrooms must be spacious enough to hold 2 people per room.
  • At least 1 bedroom must be located on the ground floor.
  • House must be in good condition, meaning no repairs needed to the home.
  • AC Unit/ Heaters must be in working condition.
  • Homes must be able to pass fire inspection, (smoke detectors working, no electrical hazards, etc.)

How much do you make?

The amount is based upon occupancy, 2 people per room maximum. It will be between $350-600 per person for most homes. Some homes that meet all the requirements but offer resort style homes, luxury homes, sitting on a lake, or in an area where the economy is high (i.e. Florida, California, most of the Northeastern states) can pay up to $900 per person.

How to enroll?

Fill out the short application in the link below. Someone from our team will contact you if we need more information or see if you have any questions.